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Help Feed A Home

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In an effort to help the men and women of Ibadan in a disadvantaged situation such as the Covid-19 epidemic, Future Minds Development Initiative is determined to advocate and show by example how to alleviate the sufferings of our compatriots in Ibadan.

One common challenge that has been observed as the source of the sufferings of the people is hunger. Many of these people live from hand to mouth which means their livelihood depends on how much money they are able to earn each day. In business, we know that some days are good while some are not. So, in the event that they do not earn anything in a day, what happens to their feeding, or at least, the feeding of their families?

In the face of the Covid-19, families have been forced into isolation by unforeseen circumstances whereby they have been taken unawares and unprepared to tackle the challenge of feeding. These people are locked indoors with no idea of ow they would feed, they have wives and children. In summary, they are stranded.

Future Minds Development Initiative is proposing “Help feed a home” feeding programme to help this class of people feed.
We cannot do it all alone as this is a responsibility for all and sundry. Now is the time to give back to society. These are the people who have taken on odd professions that some personalities in the highest strata of our social system cannot embark upon. They are petty traders, labourers working on sites, cleaners, messengers, drivers, e.t.c. These people are the people who stand under the sun to make sure that they cast their votes as part of their civic responsibilities.Future Minds Development Initiative is using this medium to solicit donations from government and goodwilled individuals to support through provision of food stuff for the needy in Ibadan. Nothing is too small neither too big as this is showing kindness to humanity.

Please you can send your donations to
Bank name:Future minds development initiative
Account number: 0267215989
Bank name: Guaranty Trust Bank.


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