FMDI TV, a project under the FUTURE MINDS DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE, which basically stands to proffer solution to the inherent issues identified in the Nigerian society through media and technology.

 The Tv is a platform aimed at fostering social, civic and health empowerment via the media. Bringing about a heavy awareness that allows active participation of a typical Nigerian citizen, to bring about transparency to every actions and inactions, right to quality information (citizen empowerment), improvement in the standard of life of citizens, and a society that unites for unimpeded growth and development.

Exposing issues causing the delay in our growth as a society through the media (FMDI Tv), as well as proffering solutions to them, by fixing the accountability of the Para-leaders and system to us as a people, in other to improve the society in general and improving the health of Nigerians; thus, driving us forward towards a better health system, sustainable economic growth, peace and true unity. The media (FMDI Tv) aims to device means of improving societal accountability and creating transparency to all systems as a continuous process with no time bound at the moment.

The media Tv is also meant to bring to the general public information on current projects and progress in Nigeria, as well as medical information to improve and manage health and well-being.

FMDI Tv would also carry all activities going on in the FUTURE MINDS DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE, non-governmental organization, as well as other activities carried out by partners and sponsors (If approved).