Accountable Nigeria


Accountable Nigeria project stands to proffer solution to the inherent issues identified in the Nigerian society through a means that allows active participation of a typical Nigerian citizen to bring about transparency to every actions and inactions, right to information (citizen empowerment), improvement in the quality of life of citizens, and a society that unites for unimpeded growth and development.

With issues causing the delay in our growth as a society being identified as lack of accountability of individuals stepping into political offices as leaders, the project aims to device means of improving societal accountability and creating transparency to all systems as a continuous process with no time bound at the moment.

The Accountable Nigeria project also influences the social determinants of health i.e. the condition in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. It also aims to empower our population towards becoming better self-assessing individuals and dedicated citizens for our larger society.

The People incorporated (TPI)


The People incorporated (TPI) has to do with the redemption of our society, a community-oriented approach to improve accountability. The idea of the project is to completely reorientate and develop our society down to the grassroots and all the way to every level of the society. It is also meant to address the key issues that are holding us back as a nation and a society at large. The people incorporated is looking at the whole system and not just the health care and the way of giving back to the society. This project has to do with the economic situation of the country, leadership giving feedback to the people and being able to be accountable to everything they do.