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People Empowerment through



We work with communities on sensitization, awareness, and adoption of innovative ideas to help improve the overall health of the community.


Our mission is to be a leading organization committed to providing innovative and cutting edge approaches to addressing diseases of public health importance in a fast-changing world.

Message from the Founder

Dear friends,

Welcome to the FutureMinds development initiative (FMDI), a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2008, targeted towards creating opportunities for individuals & families to have a good life. Promoting health, people empowerment, all of which are primarily accomplished through education and our commitment to continually demonstrate/deliver the highest standards of service.

FMDI was founded to give opportunities to people in order to take responsibility for their well-being physically, mentally and socially. We offer expansive and unique services that have helped us to steadily grow to where we are today!

Our services aim at improving the health of people in communities and increasing access to healthcare, influence the social way of living, outreaches, and research. We are proud of making such contribution to national development.

We are grateful for the support we get from individuals and we will always welcome the support offered in any way. Please feel free to join us and patronize our services.

Dr. Tunde Ali


Help Feed A Home

In an effort to help the men and women of Ibadan in a disadvantaged situation such as the Covid-19 epidemic, Future Minds Development Initiative is determined to advocate and show by example how to alleviate the sufferings of our...


Our life is always a story, irrespective of the roles we play in it. Mine is no different even if much more public than desired. I regret my role in its creation as shared in the media; but it does not fully reflect the story. But, I wish to share another story. One...

Job Vacancy Marketers at Future Minds Development Initiative

Job Vacancy Marketers at Future Minds Development Initiative

Job vacancy for the position of marketers at eDokita,a telehealth technology grass root focused organisation with the sole aim of assisting individuals to manage their health and prevent diseases or illnesses remotely for a healthier community using evidence based...

About Our Initiatives 


FMDI TV empowers and educates the general public on health issues, civil patriotism through our ACN platform, etc.


We also provide valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and health management support.

Accountable Nigeria

Our aim is to improve the societal accountability mechanism from the community level

The People incorporated (TPI)

TPI has to do with the redemption of our society, a community-oriented approach to improve accountability

health program and research

As part of our key focus areas, FMDI invest in and facilitate translational researches that are of public health importance

regenerative oasis

We provide the most effective treatments for patients by combining both conventional and alternative approaches.

Our Partners & Sponsors

About FMDI

FMDI is a highly committed non-profit organization for improving the quality of life of vulnerable groups of people in the community.

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4th Floor, Group Medicals Practitioner Building
Queen Elizabeth Road II,
Mokola, Ibadan.
P.O. Box 7851, Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan, oyo state, Nigeria